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Are Zweet sour strips REALLY sour?
Well we think they strike the perfect balance of sour & sweet, just the right amount of sour to make eating them fun & tasty!

Are Zweets Vegan?
Our Licorice Belts are all Vegan. Our Gummies contain Fish Gelatin.

Are Zweets Gluten Free?
Unfortunately no, the first ingredient in good licorice candy is Wheat Flour!

Are Zweets Kosher?
Yes, all Zweet candy is certified Kosher Parve by Beth Din Minchas Chinuch.
See more on our Certifications Page.

Are Zweets Halal?
Yes, all Zweet candy is Halal.

What is the shelf life?
We believe our tastes best within 2 years of purchase, but we all know they'll be devoured long before then!