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Zweet Candy

From Sour Belts to Gummies we've got Zweet treats for everyone!

Sour Pink Lemonade Belts | 10 oz
Marshmallow Unicorn Twists | 3.5 oz
Gummy Unicorns | 10 oz
Insanely Sour Rainbow Belts | 10 oz
Bunga Sourz | Fruit chews | 21 oz
Gummy Vampire Teeth | 10 oz
Zweet - Sour Belts, Strawbrerry Flavored
Sour Rainbow Ropes | 10 oz
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Candy That Will Make Your Mouth Pucker!
We got tired of candy that promised SOUR, but under-delivered (it drove us INSANE), so we made REAL INSANELY SOUR CANDY.
Show us your Sour face!



Snackable Marshmallows

Marshmallows so soft and airy, almost like CLOUDZ melting in your mouth! The perfect treat for the lunchbox, candy table at a party or any time that zweet craving hits!

Try them in s’mores, top hot cocoa or coffee or best of all, snack’em right out of the bag! Try all 3 flavors!

More About Zweet!

Some might say we never quite grew up. As kids we fell in love with the classic sour belts from the corner candy shop and have never quite let go. All grown up we searched and searched for that classic sour belt: just the right amount of sour, the perfect texture and snap when you take a bite.... and Zweet was born!

Zweet Ideaz

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Head to our crafts page to get fun ideas, DIYs, recipes and more. The possibilities are endless!

Perfect for birthdays, holidays, favors and gifts.