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Some might say we never quite grew up.
As kids we fell in love with the classic sour belts from the corner candy shop and have never quite let go. All grown up we searched and searched for that classic sour belt: just the right amount of sour, the perfect texture and snap when you take a bite... and Zweet was born!
Available in an ever-growing variety of flavors and styles that will satisfy every craving, Zweet has grown to more than just sour belts - including gummies, snackable marshmallows, chews and more! We're constantly innovating to bring new flavors and products to make life even Zweet-er!

Zweet Beginnings


With the vivid memories of picking strawberry sour belts from the local candy shop bulk-bin and filling up our bag with as much sour candy as mom would allow, we were unhappy with the sour candy on the market in 2016. They said 'sour' but they were anything but. And don't get us started on the texture! Stale and hard - no statisfying chew - kid or adult this was just unacceptable! So we decided to take matters into our own hands and developed Zweet - real sour candy with the perfect texture and chew!
We also wanted to transport our customers to that same experience of pulling those elusive belts from the bulk bin with the store tongs - and that's how we came up with our unique Zweet 10 oz Container and Tongs that come in each package.

2018 - GUMMIES

Having solved the impending sour belts crisis (!!!), we set our sights on gummies. Again, we focused on the flavor and texture, making sure each gummy has that satisfying 'bounce' and chew. We developed unique shapes and flavors like Unicorn and Pink Lemonade Slices, bringing new fun to this tasty treat. Gummy Bears are fun, sure, but Alligators? Vampire Teeth? Ice Cream Cones? Spiders? Racecars? The list goes on and on - and is sure to bring a smile to every kid (and kid at heart).


Continuously growing our 10 oz line of sour belts and gummies, we just weren't done innovating. We started Zweet in search of actually sour belts...but decided we needed to take it up a notch. You asked for extremely sour belts, the kind that would make you wince as soon as it touches your tongue, a candy so sour it's, dare we say, INSANE! And so we answered with our Insanely Sour Belts.
And we didn't stop there, we continue to innovate in the candy space with unqiue items like our Cloudz Snackable Marshmallows and Bunga Sour Chewz.
We're always working on something new so check back often for the latest candy innovations by Zweet!

The Zweet Family

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We've got sweet treats for everyone!
Whether you're looking for super sour belts, soft and tasty gummies, or marshmallows for your next camping trip, Zweet has got that sweet tooth covered!